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I am a writer, journalist, editor and playwright and have been involved with storytelling for a number of years now. 

My debut novel, The Matchmaker was released in January 2023. In addition to this, I am working on a number of projects across the page, screen and stage including The Disposables on ABC Me and The Marriage Agency that premiered at the Kings Cross Theatre at the end of 2022.


I was a scriptwriter for a BBC radio series Silver street for five years. I also had an afternoon play on BBC Radio.


Upon moving to Australia I created a few radio programs for the ABC  and established my career as a journalist.

I am a regular writer for several publications including the Guardian, SMH, and SBS, where I have recently completed a one year maternity cover as Editor for SBS Voices.

I am also a playwright with works commissioned by theatres around London and Australia. Most recently I was part of the Next In Line program at Darlinghurst theatre.


I was awarded development funding by Screen Australia to develop a feature film and am hoping to be able to announce some exciting new film projects in the near future.

Please contact me for more background or to discuss any of my existing or potential new projects.

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