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I have worked in the online industry as an editor, copywriter and producer for a number of digital media organisations including the BBC in the UK. I have recently completed a one year engagement as Editor for SBS Voices. Tasks included keeping up to date on the latest news and cultural happenings, writing editing and producing articles for SBS Voices,  Commissioning freelance writers to create relevant content based both on news events and editorial policies, commissioning content based on SBS Network TV priorities and managing and publishing content across Social Media Channels.

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In addition to my work at SBS, I have had over a decade's experience writing for some of the world’s biggest publications. I have written for The Guardian, The Independent and The Telegraph in the UK. In Australia I have written for The Sydney Morning Herald, ABC News,, The Guardian Australia and others. Most of my work focuses on Opinion and commentary, Current Affairs,  Lifestyle, Food, Parenting, Finance and Multiculturalism, amongst other topics. See below for some links to some of my work.

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Some of my work

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